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Digitizing healthcare will be a key enabler to provide high value care for hospitals, and many research institutions. GIGA Hub with the European project, MediWise which is aiming to help expand in precision medicine, transform care delivery and to improve the patient experience.

In manufacturing 4.0, a set of tools and standard models enabling to describe Factory of the Future digitally and truthfully in their multiple dimensions, including vital streams from and to their ecosystem to support decision-making for process optimization and resilience.

Gigahub introduces many automotive intelligence features soon. These start from a information based design platform, where you can model a car from electronics to digital twin of your motor, and transfer your electronics data to your mobile, and predict failures with support of our partners. 

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Robotic based Maintenance 

Earth observation today provides us with lot of information that we can use in our decision making workflows, and make well informed decisions knowing happenings in our surrounding - observed from the space. We provide integrity and information so you can focus on what you have to do, not more. 

Aviation GIGA Hub is a data management platform with Troubleshooting apps and prognostics features . This enables them to store such as cleansing, maintain and perform advanced data mining. Reduced AOG, and keeping your aircraft downtime as low as possible are only first benefits of moving towards digital MRO.

Precise monitoring of the well pad, and its lifecycle is key to quantifying the impact on shale oil supply, which until now has not been possible. GIGA Hub here features Integration with your ERP, and Integrated Lead monitoring with Surveillance Cameras.