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How Gigahub can help in Improving wind-turbine O&M with artificial intelligence?

Using GIGA Hub and WindWise to make sense of wind-tu

rbine data is becoming more prevalent and there is a growing number of use cases for the technology. Many of these cases involve wind-turbine O&M practices and can result in increased efficiency, better spare-parts forecasting, reduced downtime, and lower unplanned maintenance costs. GIGA Hub is the sources from which AI can pull information may include:

  • SCADA data (mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviations),

  • Maintenance data (component replacement dates, lubrication events, etc.),

  • Failure histories

  • Firmware updates

  • CMS data (if available)

These data sources are then used to create models of normal turbine behavior, which serve to quickly identify abnormalities and notify the wind turbine operator. ​ GIGA Hub models monitor a turbine 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and relieve human operators of the tedious task of sifting through extremely large data sets in search of relevant insights.  ​ In fact GIGA Hub is there to bring finances, and certain AI features together for monitoring and detecting anomalies not only in power production, and increase reliability and availability of components over time, but also bringing visibility and integrity to this industry.   ​ A portion of this transformation is failure prediction, as well as detection of poor bearing lubrication conditions and preparing these in scheduled events rather than unscheduled events. 

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