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How AI is can impact the Real Estate Industry

In a hyper data focused world, every industry is breaking into the AI sector. Why? Because every industry is needing to find new and innovative ways to collect and project their data. 

The Real Estate industry is no exception. 

Many businesses are in need to gain their competitive edge and how they are doing this is with artificial intelligence. Real Estate is a very lucrative industry and data is more important than ever in today’s society. Though this industry has been slower to enter into the AI world than others, it is beginning to bring AI in helping both commercial and residential real estate industries by providing data such as, market conditions, safety of the community, energy use, international transactions and more. 

AI is helping agents and brokers with time and energy that was used in the past to provide essential data to close a sale. It is helping pinpoint downfalls of a potential sale as well as highlights. Real Estate tours are being done through artificial intelligence helping make sales when physical tours are not available. During the COVID-19 pandemic these kinds of tours skyrocketed. Because AI homes and commercial properties were marketed online through 3-D blueprints and video. Though not entirely the same, when navigating and watching these tours it still feels like you are there in person. 

Besides the salesperson and broker, AI is helping in this industry with operations and project managers, construction process and developers, lease documents and property accountants and much more. There are many companies out there in this industry offering AI powered products to help with every step in the real estate world. Be sure to check some of these companies out below! 

  1. SetSchedule-SetSchedule is providing qualified real estate leads to business professionals and to consumers.

  2. Tririga-Launched by IBM- Is a building maintenance AI powered tool

  3. Doxel- Doxel is helping with the construction aspect in real estate

  4. Apartment Ocean-This company is helping convert website traffic into leads and sales through the power of AI

  5. Skyline AI- Skyline is using AI to help with real estate investing for investors

In the future, AI is going to take the Real Estate industry by storm. It is going to help increase sales, develop properties that will be economical and environmentally friendly, and find new ways to make a better quality of life for human beings.

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