• Daniele

Gigahub for Oil & Gas is coming, Monitoring Unconventional Oil Production

Oil and gas companies have always made use of technology, both physical and computational, but they have been slower than companies in other industries to adopt the latest wave of digital transformation. Many are missing integrity at scale.

Gigahub has is there to partner with these companies and make happen digital transformation with offering a highly interconnected, AI-powered microservices that leverage data and enable their frontlines to deliver large and lasting impact. We have demonstrated the development of cutting-edge solutions that include world-class digital strategy, processes, tools, and capabilities—allowing trustworthy companies to succeed in digital transformation effectively and collectively.

Unlike major digital transformation companies, we are there with sets of frameworks that we access to, such as IBM Watson and Wipro Holmes to build a system which is good for you, a Gigahub. Gigahub is a basic data connector which its key features are:  

  • Integration with your ERP

  • Integrated Lead monitoring with Surveillance Cam. Stations

  • Identifies Pad clearance independent of drilling permit data

  • Delivers updates on wells as they transition

  • Accuracy of up to 2 months ahead of other sources

  • Detailed insights on the entire well pad lifecycle

For the data sources, there are several options possible including high-resolution satellite imagery.

Gigahub in Oil & Gas uses best talents combined with a structured approach to enable companies to understand how digitization can alter the industry ecosystem and define baby steps which your company can follow, in order to not only digitize the processes in every department, but also support the organizational transformation together with our partners like Digital Transformation firms.

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