We are OpenAI with the purpose of Predictive Maintenance

Gigahub provides an effective and joyful way to manage your big data in a predictive way.

Vision Features

Machine vision is the use of a camera or multiple cameras to inspect and analyze objects automatically, usually in an industrial or production environment.

Autonomous Security Bot

With ASB your cyber threat intelligence, around the information of the organization will be protected by identifying anomalies. This is a high tech system that uses intelligence to prepare, prevent, and identify cyber threats looking to take advantage of your valuable resources. 


With our secure Data lake & storage

Assuring full control & transparency you have all you need for solving the full digital integrity issue of your organization. 

Features & Benefits

Data Lake + Microservices


Go to a predictive digital universe in one click. 

Mankind has been aiming to fly for a long time to escape borders. We want you to be able to escape the digital universe's borders by accessing the information axis and knowing everything.

With the Right Software,
Right Information Can be Provided. 

With the Right Information,
Great Things Can be Happen

At Gigahub, Our aim is to make the world a better place through Solving the full digital integrity issue for the manufacturing industry through meaningful Microservices + Data Lake as Saas 

Gigahub provides the data integration and solution for the digital universe from the edge to the datacenter

Ulrich Walter
IBM Deutschland

Gigahub enables us in handling multiple AI service integration in large and international research consortiums.

Anja Burman

Fraunhofer Institute 

Gigahub is an enabler together with our secure connectivity solution DCU, for industry 4.0 and smart mobility.

Andreas G. Guilarte 

Siemens Mobility GmbH


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Aim for bringing Full integrity to our customers for your daily job. This enables you to exploit the power of Artificial Intelligence to the fullest at scale within your whole organization!

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Gigahub Inc. is a SaaS company that provides predictive maintenance API. These API(s) allow users to create their own micro-services and connect devices enable your digital universe directly with meaningful results.


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